Life Energy Academy
A DIVINE Restoring Experience

Would you be ok if there was a quick, easy and efficient process that allows one to restore Energy, Vitality, and Joy? 

By continuing you are stepping out of the public sector and into the private sector where you your health and purpose matter to us.

Life Energy Academy is a 508 nonprofit, Spirit-based ministry established to help one remember who Our Creator created us to be and live the life of purpose and fulfillment we are destined for.

🌟 Unlock a more fulfilling life with The Life Energy Technology! 🚀 Embrace a fast, easy, and efficient way to thrive in these post-COVID times. 💪 Boost your immune system, tap into your body's natural healing powers, and shield yourself from stress impacts. Experience the power of Life Energy Technology through personalized sessions and transformative videos. Let's elevate your Life to a flow state today! 🌿 #LifeEnergyTechnology #WellnessJourney

We invite you to experience this new Energy Technology and recalibrate the communication pathways between our body, soul, and spirit to the frequency we were created to operate in. Please click below if you are truly interested in improving your life and the lives of those around you.

We are looking to move into a Joy economy where everything is freely given and freely received where the currency is Love. So we are starting here and offering this new technology free of charge, however in the current system we still need funds to be able to share this with the world. We are so very grateful for your support in the form of sharing this site, donations and partnerships with individuals and other non-profits and forward thinking businesses. We are grateful for your help to spread Love to the entire world around us.

While some feel the energy right away, others may require a little more time - remember, this is a journey, not a race. As you expand your awareness and regain control over your own body and mind, you'll begin to notice subtle changes.
For those who don't feel the energy flowing through the body initially, you will know it's working if your breathing shifts from your chest to your lower abdomen. This shift symbolizes that you have moved into a state of rest / digest / ease / flow. You'll begin to notice how your state of mind and the world around you changes over time.

We look forward to working with you to help spread love to humanity and raise the vibration of the world to the frequency of Heaven.
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  • We invite you to join us to bring in a new way of doing thing and living together to Spread Love to the World.

Notice your breath if you are breathing out o you mid to upper chest you are in Fight/Flight/Freeze state if you are breathing out of your lower abdomen you are in Rest/Digest/Repair mode. Which would you rather be in?

We invite you to try it at night while you sleep and daily, esp. When feeling stress...

"All is Well" by Gary Malkin Music used by permission.
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Stop Impacts Of Stress In Its Tracks, And Return To Your Original Design / Blueprint

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Benefits of Our Program

Einstein stated "The future of medicine is Energy Medicine." As a Critical Care RN with over 16 years at the bedside, I have seen the shift and what is possible by adding this Energy Reset Technology to people who have asked. Its almost like having a big red easy button for every aspect of your life. I have seen it improve every level of life in my clients that use it daily over time. While I no longer practice medicine, one cannot deny the results people attain when given the right tools to heal themselves.
Are you ready to find out what is possible for you?

For You

Counter stress by rising above it. Our process is designed to introduce you to the possibilities you didn't know existed for your life. Everyone's journey is different, and we are here to help you get the most out of yours while supporting you along the way.

For Family and Friends

You will be amazed at how you show up more fully in your life and how our program has a positive impact on your family and relationships in general.

For Your Career

Whether you want to boost your career within your company or become more efficient in your own business, our program can help accelerate the time it takes you to reach your goals, giving you more free time to do what you find most valuable in your life.

Help children and those you care about.

Stop wasting your time and energy
Are you feeling overwhelmed with everything going on in our world today? Post Covid has left us in uncharted territories, with the effects massively impacting our children - causing lower reading levels, hindered socialization, and more teen suicides than ever before. Being that children are our future, the situation raises deep concern. When you look around, how do you see the future unfolding?

We are here to show you a way to rise above the chaos and stress and be fully present with those around you. Working with us, you can learn how to be the highest form of creation you were designed to be. We serve to help humanity return to its original blueprint, where we were created to live life to the fullest. Through our program, you can tap back into the child-like luster where all things are possible. You were created for more. 

Contact for your personal sessions.

Lesson series

How to Use the Life Energy Videos

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When and How to use the Life Energy videos

Watch the Adventures of Rowdy and Spirit out on the hiking trail as Rowdy explains how to use and get the most out of the Life Energy Reset/Recharge/Healing support videos.
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Short Cut

How to set up a shortcut to specific Life Energy Videos on your home screen.

Choose Life on Purpose

Living my Purpose, on my mission. 
I found my path, and you can too.
I'm here to help the world remember who they are so they can have the best experience of life while on this Earth. Find out more by clicking the video .
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           Our Clients have a few nice things to say !

Biz Professionals
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Keith and Michelle Norris

Founders of Paleo FX, largest Paleo conference in the world. See what they say about having me there to work with the team, you won't believe the outcome.
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Kyle's startup to save our planet

Multiple startups to his resume; however, his passion is to help save the Earth by working with businesses.
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Jeff and Mariko

Jeff is the founder of Rapid Release, "This thing works wonders and I was impressed."
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Kattie, a stay at home mom and business owner 

Tried something new. You will love her story.

Shout out to our military

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Logan Is active Military

Improve mental and physical performance, stress level from a 7 to 0 , beneficial for those with chronic pain
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William is Medical Retired Military

Do you know military that this could help?
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Johnathan Retired Military

See the benefits for our vets that are in business or not functioning like they want to be.
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3 New Military members in the Fire Training Academy Energy Reset experience

Boost your confidence, master the field you are in.
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Dr. Valerie Chavez

Internal medicine and functional medicine practioner
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Dr. Rafael Valdez 

Natural Chiropractor
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Dr. Simon Carlson

Neural radiologist trained at John Hopkins
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Dr. Jeanine Livermore a Chiropractor and Longevity Specialist

Boost your confidence, master the field
Amazing Stories
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Bane Forced to Retire

He was forced into early retirement because of injuries, then pain he had for 20 to 30 years was gone in less than 10 minutes!
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Hear Eric's Song

A song came to him after his Energy Reset. Amazing!
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Chris the Fire Fighter

He did an Energy Reset when he was in a live fire, you won't believe what happened!
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Nurse Sylvia

This is for all of y'all hard working professionals that put others first.
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11 yr old Kasson

I feel really relaxed.
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Tina on flight

Felt the energy and more connected
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Anna Lisa

Body locked in stress ball, HRV scan showed aging faster than she should be...
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Arlene Connecter and Business Professional

It's a game changer. Try it!
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Energy Worker Beth

Life time Energy Worker has a new experience with Energy she has never felt before
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Diane Energy Specialist

Has a very unique experience
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Ron the Energy Healer

Ease of activation in my body was phenomenal
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John Little

Can't believe how much relief he got in one Remote session